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Racking System

Pallet Racking Solutions

Delivering the right storage solution for your business

All pallet racking systems need to be designed to accommodate the types of handling equipment used and the load capacity required.  We can work with you and advise you every step of the way to ensure.

The following pages show a selection of the options that we can design and install for you.  We will help your select the right type of racking dependent on the following considerations:

  • The types of goods you store
  • The amount of floor space available for the racking installation.
  • The speed of throughput
  • The types of handing equipment used.

We understand that each client comes with different requirements and this is why we work closely with you to design the system that works best for you and provides you with optimum storage that is both manageable and cost-effective.

We are on hand to be able to advise you on the best type of pallet racking to meet your needs based on your individual business model and the existing handling equipment and facilities you have.


  1. Conventional Pallet Racking System

  2. Long Span Shelving Racking System

  3. Multi-Tier Long Span Shelving Racking System

  4. Boltless Long Span Shelving Racking System.

  5. Cantilever Racking System 

  6. Mezzanine Floor

  7. Metal Pallets


Conventional Pallet Racking System

Pallet Racking components

  • Universal system with direct to every pallet
  • Maximizes space available for storage
  • Adaptable to any size or weight of pallet
  • Increase stock control

The conventional pallet racking system offers the best solution for warehouse where a wide range of references need to be stored on pallets.

The wide range of profiles and accessories provides optimal adaptation to each load and height requirement.

A conventional pallet racking warehouse is generally laid out with single-entry rack wither side and double-entry racks in the middle.

The width of the working aisle between each rack and the height of the racks depend on the characteristics of the forklifts or handling equipment, the size of the pallets and the height of the warehouse itself.



Long Span Shelving Racking System,

Multi-Tier Long Span Shelving Racking System &

Boltless Long Span Shelving Racking System.

Long Span Shelving which is a modular frame and beam shelving system that caters easily for large bulk items.  RADHE Long Span Shelving is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletised goods. This is an intermediate application in between light and heavy-duty applications.  Long Span Shelving is designed for loading / unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be form smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items.  Durable and precision engineered, our range is both durable and safe to use.  It can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients.


Cantilever Racking System

Portable Cantilever Racks


There is practically no limit to the length of cantilever arm racking.  This racking for the storage of long goods such as poles, pipes and boards.  Each racking upright is equipped with several cantilever arms (supports) for carrying the load.  The distance between uprights depends on the weight of the goods to be stored.


Goods which are heavy and small to large quantities per article at medium throughput are stored on cantilever arms.


The Racking is serviced by fork lift trucks.  They work without turning in aisle and therefore only require very narrow aisle widths.


  • Extendable to any length and expandable.
  • Flexible adjustment to changes in the range of goods.


Mezzanine Floor

Fire Rated Two Tier Mezzanine


The mezzanine platform is a self-supporting walk-on steel construction.  It is erected in an existing building.


Mezzanine platforms create additional storage areas on the platform itself  and at the same time room underneath – e.g. for production. Compared with integral mezzanine floors, racking platform offer may individual design options. For instance, they can also be used as order picking platforms.


Mezzanine platforms can be designed so that not only hand pallet trucks but also electric fork lift trucks can work on them. Fork lift trucks or conveyors take care of the material flow from ground level to the platform. Personnel access is provided by stairs.


  • Extension of storage area
  • Efficient utilisation of room height


Metal Pallets Vtech Silver Stainless Steel Pallet, Capacity: 1 Ton

We offer the optimal quality d-Solutions Steel Pallets in the domestic as well as global market.  The industrial D-Solutions Steel Pallets we manufacture is various range and specification. Customized shape size and specification can also be made.

Single deck steel pallet can be used only on one side and it has two/four side entry for the forklift stackers.

Steel pallets having two way entry type pallets are preferred for use in heavy duty racking system.

Any practical size of steel pallet can be made as per customer requirement.  Load bearing capacity from upto 3000kg UDL 

Vast Range: Tube Pallet, Flat Pallet, Two Way Pallet, Four Way Pallet

Features: Customised dimensions, Customized Load Capacity, Minimum Fabrication, Smooth edges, Vast Range

Used for: Storage of material at a fixed place, In-house movements of material, efficient storage capacity

Users: Industrial, Warehousing, Pharmacy Industries, Logistic companies, Automobile Industries, Others..


Structure Load Calculation

Calculate the UDL of the Racking Systems through STAAD.Pro Authorized User & RM Certification will be issued, According to the UDL calculation report, it is designed according to which section and thicknees to use for safety.

After Sales Service

Customer Complaints:

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  • Send personalized E-mails/SMS to customers filed staff.
  • Track customer complaints to closure
  • Spot trends with Analytical charts

AMC & Warranty Management

  • Timely warranty / AMC activities & Reworks
  1. Product configurations, warranty / AMC information, customer details and history etc.
  2. Track warranty / AMC related maintenance activities & payments
  3. Receive notifications when an AMC, warranty or related maintenance activity is due.
  4. Manage serialized parts with applicable warranty if any.